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Hello, I am Giovanni Buttaci. I am a Pastels/Oils artist.  The Internet community knows me as TheArteeest. Above is the signature I use in the various forums I belong to to share knowledge.  Look me up sometime  

I reside in Columbus, Ohio.
Go Bucks  Columbus Ohio is an awesoma Art Community, having the Columbus College of Art and Design (which I briefly went to when I recieved a scholarship there in the  mid 70's), the Columbus Art Museum, the Short North District, where we have the Gallery Hop once a month featuring all of the art galleries located there, and the artists lucky enough to be in them, and the Columbus Arts Festival, which is held on the first weekend of June every year in the downtown area.  The Columbus Arts Festival is a big event, and it is my goal to be a featured artist there.

By trade, I am an Computer Engineer, but lately, I have been concentrating on my artwork.  My artwork has always been my first love, and quite frankly, I need the therapy.  I love computer graphics, photography, and web design, but when it comes to pastels.... I was taught by the best.... Bob Mauck.    I took what he taught me 25 years ago up a few notches, and I do supurb detail.   I add to that a layer of oil paints, for crisp detail and sharpness.