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Angels In Adornment
A Family Of Marsupial Centaurs
Pastels on watercolor paper
33 1/4" x 29"
Pastels and Oils on watercolor paper on wood
19 5/8" x 23 3/8"
My Wife Naked, Looking at her Body...
Pastels and Oils on watercolor paper
22 1/8" x 27"
Collossus Of Rhodes
Pastels on watercolor paper
26" x 40 5/8"
Honey Is Sweeter Than Blood
Pastels on watercolor paper
33 1/2" x 29"
Wheel Of Fortune
Pastels on watercolor paper on Wood
Virgin Mary With Our Lord
Oils on watercolor paper on Wood
22 1/4" x 30"
Girl With Curls
Oils on Canvas
20" x 16"
My Nephews and Neice
Pastels on watercolor paper
19 3/4" x 27 1/2"
Not sure of the original artist, but this is a segment from a painting called Flight Out Of Egypt.  Definitely one of my personal pets, this one would be hard to part with, but would at the right price.
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Pastels and Oils on watercolor paper on wood
27 1/4" x 38"
The Prodigal Son
Pastels on watercolor paper
22 3/8" x 30"
Salvador Dali completed this painting in  1963...the year of my birth.  Forty years later, I reproduce it as best i can, and place it on this site, on the day of my birth (on my birthday).  
Salvador Dali's My Wife Naked, Looking at her own Body, which is Transformed into Steps, Three Vertebrae of a Column, Sky and Architecture.  One of my best illustrative works, my pastels capture all of the classical and surrealistic qualities of this beautiful piece.
Salvador Dali's A Family of Marsupial Centaurs.  Dali used Inks, and Pencils to create this masterpiece, I used Pastels, and Oil Paints.  It looks great framed, hanging on my wall!
Salvador Dali's Colossus Of Rhodes.  I fell in love with this painting as soon as i saw it.  Dali's Classical period shows his heart, and this picture illustrates his majesty, and genious.
Sir Edward Burnes-Jones Wheel of Fortune.  I painted this picture for my Sister.  Burnes - Jones, is one of the great Pre-Raphaelite Victorian style arteeests of the 19th Century.
Salvador Dali's Girl With Curls.  I gave this painting a few twists of my own.   The sky is a orangish pink to reflect the alizarin crimson mountain range, which spouts a stream of blood which suddenly falls off of an otherwise seamless landscape.
The name of the painting speaks for itself.  These are my sister's beautiful children, who are older now, but just as beautiful.  I tried to capture the essence of each one:  The ornery-ness of Alex, the curiosity of Jon-Michael, and the cute active hands of Cianna.
Salvador Dali's Honey is Sweete Than Blood.  I was awe-struck when I first saw this painting, and just had to reproduce it.